'clock yesterday morning, the wild boar have been people as they arrived at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain after hiding in the foot of the trees,burberry. Length of 1 meter,abercrombie milano, more than 30 centimeters high, the body tan and lean, from time to time from the bushes, breathe atmospheric humped nose,burberry pas cher, his eyes staring straight into the crowd of onlookers,abercrombie. Chen Bo, Fuqing a backdoor security,hollister outlet, more than 7:00 in the morning, the only boar rushed into one campus and around the school. Over 50 years, he first see wild boar, scared hid in the guard room. After that,louboutin, he saw the wild boar along the to connect one back door and the Order of the Phoenix District 7 footbridge, slipped into a cell. At this time, the 7th floor corridor, over 70-year-old Barenboim stunned, not to see what is the guy in front of dark, wild boar "brush", from her slip past,abercrombie deutschland, leaped over one meter tall the fence, jumped out of a seven-story building,piumini duvetica, fell to the 2nd floor flower garden,louboutin. There are wild boar,duvetica! 2 floor tenants exploded. Someone come up with a pot, for someone to pick up the broom, someone picked up the irons, and even picked up a kitchen knife ... wild boar also residents posture cruelly scared, toss it in the district where more than one hours, the leg was also injured. awarded by the last one to jump from the second floor to the ceiling, to escape to the foot of the Phoenix Mountain. 0900, received a public warning, Fuqing City the forest Public Security Bureau police rushed to the foot of the Phoenix Mountain. Fuqing Forest Police tranquilizer gun,hollister sale, to prevent boar wounding, the police were only able to determine the assistance of armed police officers and soldiers, killed. After nearly three hours of time, wild boar and police "confrontation",hollister uk, and occasionally stuck pig brain, issued a muffled cry, simply slipped into a pit for "rest". Afternoon about 2:00 or so, six armed police rushed to the scene, two of them holding machine guns, picking out a hiding place, to square,isabel, "bang" 5 rounds fired, wild boar killed in the stone pit. Armed police to lift the boar out, one said as much as 100 pounds. Wild boar come from Public speculation that Phoenix fled down the hill.Related articles: U.S. men play superheroes to stop the fight North Korea spra The 17-year-old wage earners night Samaritan stabbed to deat Terminal illness of his father committed with a four-year-old daughter to go to