's deeds were widely reported, followed by the various voices of doubt. Some people think he exaggerated, some questioned his "tortured" more, it was directed at him reclame. For these voices, Yuan Guodong, does not seem to care,グッチ 財布. "I interviewed by the media just want to let more people concern Fanba, to evoke a sense of justice." Yuan Guodong,ヴィトン 財布, once catch the thief when he was the other fiercely bite the arm, but no crowd of people came up to help . Similar experience made him feel scared,モンクレール ダウン, and also made him aware of the calls for the need for a sense of justice through the media,グッチ. Few years Fanba ago, Yuan Guodong comes with whips,デュベティカ ダウン, handcuffs and other tools for self-defense will. This has also allowed that he had been "tortured" accused,abercrombie. "Now do not have the stuff, if you want to self-defense in situ grab something to fight back." Yuan Guodong said. Has assembled Fanba team seven years of pocketing let 54-year-old Yuan Guodong fall an injury. His shoulder last year by the thief stabbed a stab wound to the upper gum played were broken into two or three segments, now rely on braces fixed. The "slowly old,ugg ブーツ, only Shoutu Di teach them how pocketing about 15 people in the" said Yuan Guodong Fanba team. According to him,デュベティカ, the apprentice minimum of 23 years old, has its own occupational barely able to make ends meet. They are distributed in various cities of Hebei, found somewhere theft is particularly serious, it will go that centralized pocketing together,モンクレール. Zhang Lin said, the five disciples food and shelter in her house,mercurial vapor pas cher, so the usual burden is very heavy, "We generally do not cooking, eat bread and buns or something."Related articles: WASHINGTON The day before yesterday 21 the police while it is not prepared each year