'clock last night, the Rescue 4 days, the headquarters for the first time large-scale night rescue. 56 meters of the strong the light spotlights oblique the wellhead, fire, public security personnel are always around the well. As the man refused to cooperate, and attack the rescue workers, in the early hours of yesterday morning, the headquarters decided to take two sets of coercive measures. Special police to enter the pipeline, launched the "blanks", police Youxiang pipeline fired a tear gas, but the man did not leave the pipeline. From yesterday morning, fire, SWAT officers evacuated the scene, leaving only a small number of police, 120 emergency personnel monitoring. To reduce the fear of man, several waiting police for a casual, take turns to go down with the men engaged in small talk. Men are slowly moving outward from the pipe depths pipe outlet meters distant refused to forward the rescuers near his back immediately, the two sides are always in this stalemate. In the meantime,モンクレール, the man said, "leg pain", but "I'm afraid caught out on sentencing. Physical indicators of normal conscious yesterday afternoon, the scene leaving only seven or eight people to guard the meantime, the man to talk to police rotation to go down the pipe. 17:13 Chen Chengjun (sound), Tongzhou Public Security Bureau Songzhuang police station after half an hour of patience to persuade the "pipeline male lead to manageable, Chen suddenly leaned stormed the pipeline gaps men seize Another three police then jumped down. The well, hiding man's voice, first came the 15 meters outside the cordon. After about a minute, the man hands handcuffed frame of three police pushed down, climb the ladder out of the well. The well, the rescue workers of the men had a brief Inquiries. The man claiming to be called Liqin Gang (sound), 30-year-old, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. In Heilongjiang "committed a thing." 120 ambulance then bring it back Luhe Hospital. Hospitals, Liqin Gang has been brought medicine, radiology departments examination, the doctor said, his heart rate, blood pressure is normal, the body without trauma, conscious, and other indexes also normal. Subsequently, Liqin Gang was brought to the police car, police said, the investigation of its identity and criminal record. The the scene SWAT hair blanks man "not afraid" Time: 21 am to 2 o'clock in the action: the first set of mandatory measures,hollister outlet, firing blanks, a rescuer recalled, there were four firefighters and two anti-riot gun holders SWAT has to climb into the pipeline. Communication is invalid, the special police warned that it will shoot. But the man said: "Do not take a toy gun to scare me, I am not afraid." One rescuer heard a total of three gunshots came pipe. Yesterday afternoon, Tongzhou police confirmed that the special police shot and indeed in the pipeline, but launched the blank cartridge, blank cartridge is the only cartridge cases, a small amount of charge,デュベティカ, as well as the end of the fire bullets, usually used for training and exercises, not easy wounding. However, the specific and fired several shots, police did not disclose. However, the man is not out of the well. After tear gas was "reminder" Time: 21 am to 3 o'clock in the action: the second set of mandatory measures, fired tear gas police fired a tear gas to the pipeline, the high smoke fire engines began to pipeline within the air supply. A rescuer said, the man soon to support him, to climb to the pipe outlet, his eyes tearing, stop coughing. See, however, the special police near, and quickly retracted. For the use of blank ammunition and tear gas yesterday,モンクレール ダウン, Tongzhou police said that based on the People's Republic of China People's Police use of police equipment and weapons Ordinance ": violent methods to resist or hinder the situation of the people's police to perform their duties in accordance with the law, not warning, you can expulsion, the uniform nature of police gear using tear gas, special explosion-proof gun. In addition, the man also exists the possibility of threatening the tap water supply pipeline and railway line. Therefore, the use of police equipment are legal. The plainclothes "attempting to rally Temptation man hand yesterday 16:45 Xu, Chen Chengjun fifth downhole persuade. 10:40, 12:00, 13:00, 15:00, have all failed. Tongzhou Songzhuang police station Chen Chengjun, 42 years old, three years ago from the army. The day before yesterday, he was ordered to the scene. "He seems to be afraid of police uniforms." Chen Chengjun before going down toward the water company by a suit of clothes, but also with the top yellow baseball cap. In dialogue with the man, his identity villagers. The undercover at the well, is his cousin. "My uncle care about you, so I have to send you to eat." He spoke loud and clear voice, ten meters away could hear. "I opened the home printing, you can solve your life, and came out to say, take one thousand eight hundred a month, to when your parents were followed." But the man just talk to each other, Chen Chengjun repeatedly induced him out a bit, and he refuses to even move. "Are you hungry Thirsty not , And mineral water." Said this, he and the men's distance is also more than 1 meter. But he never did action always wanted nearly something near something. Five days,ugg ブーツ, countless people persuaded the man basically indifferent. Chen Chengjun think of "attempting to rally. "You are not a man, how so " "I do not know you to give you to bring food, Why do not you sense of obligation " Man eat bread, so he handed. Chen Chengjun think the opportunity came. Hands in duct approximately half meters, the man to take it. In this case, the two recently. Chen Chengjun suddenly jump, more than half leaned into the pipe, one arm to seize the man's right arm. "So systemic kept." After about two seconds, he confirmed clutched the man began efforts to break free, desperate to go back. Chen Chengjun single-arm force, pulled the man out and shouted "". Three of the well's colleagues heard jumped, the man half turned out wellhead. Chen Chengjun because of too much force, fell in behind the rocks on the heap, the back cut hurt, but the hands are not loose. ■ close-up of police said "hard work" out of the wells, Liqin Gang said police were: hard you trouble. He, unkempt, upper body camouflage uniforms broke a few holes, the pants almost grinding leakage, a moment out from the well, he subconsciously turned dodging the sun. Raised his head, his eyes look to the police some trance, his mouth kept talking about the "death penalty", "make a mistake", "way to avoid retaliation, not escape fifteen. He committed in Heilongjiang trouble, "I have been out for two months, to escape, and will certainly be caught, and I made a little mistake,hollister." To be brought before the ambulance,グッチ 財布, he tell the police said " dead ", then smile. To Luhe Hospital, Liqin Gang seems not so nervous, but repeatedly said, "I want to drink water to take a bath." Elevator, he suddenly asked the reporter's mobile phone brand. His right pocket, a cell phone, and a few rolled paper Chuaizhe. Channel in the hospital, he looked around, looked at the bulletin boards on the wall, lips flaring. Prior to that, he told the police say, he can not read. ■ rescue timetable ● about a month ago, the Tongzhou the Songzhuang Jhenbei Liu gezhuang villagers found a strange man often in the next village northeast side of Railway Water Jingpang activities, and out of the well. ● May 15, the Beijing-Qinhuangdao Railway, a railway maintenance worker found "pipeline male" reflect the situation to the railway police station,デュベティカ ダウン. ● May 17, 13,mercurial vapor pas cher, 30 minutes, Xu, Songzhuang police station received a phone of the railway police station rushed to the scene immediately. The man refused to rescue and hide in the underground cross pipes and culverts gap. ● from 20 to 14 o'clock, Inoue part were razed,グッチ, the operating room to expand, the rescue is in full swing. ● 21 am, the police take the mandatory relief measures, including the launch blank ammunition and tear gas, but did not work. ● 17 pm 14 pm on May 21, 2011, the man police dragged out of the pipe. Edition written / reporter Tian-Yu Li Duan built intern Deng rain edition photographic / our reporter Yang JieRelated articles: Hunan Province August 7 Dongmou Wu and Dong Mouyu